EMDR Solutions

Robin Shapiro, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W.


All of these therapists are trained in EMDR. Robin knows them all and thinks that they're good clinicians, but is not legally responsible for any therapy you receive from them. Robin gets no payment for having people on this referral list.

Referral information will be updated regularly and is accurate at time of publication.

Linda Paxton - Bellevue, WA. Tel: 206-456-4456

Nancy Haver – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-257-3863

Jim York - Everett, WA Tel: 541-968-9444

Dov Wills - Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-459-2879 (can work with hearing impaired people, signs)

Sarah Trembley -  North Seattle, WA. Tel: 425-830-1410

Mark Zimmerman - Tacoma, WA.

Ellen Johnson - Bainbridge, WA. Tel: 206-842-0664

Molly Staley - Bainbridge, WA. Tel: 360-352-1668

Karen Sheridan – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-280-7243 

D. Michael Coy - Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-745-2527  

Nancy Lieurance - Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-706-0371 (no website)

Barbara Callahan - Fairfield, Connecticut. Tel: 203-261-9022 (no website)



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